Assistant Director

The Merit School | Arlington, VA

Posted Date 11/30/2019

Job Description:

Center Assistant Director
PURPOSE The assistant director is responsible for assisting the director with the day-to-day operations of the education and care programs within his or her building.  This includes leadership and communication skills in dealing with parents, teachers, assistant teachers, cooks, bus drivers, cleaning contractors and maintenance personnel to promote a climate of quality as measured by corporate policies, state licensing and national accreditation standards.  This also includes oversight of the bookkeeping for the center so as to create a financially successful business operation.
PRINCIPLE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Organizational Relationship The assistant director has a line relationship with the center director and district director of the region. He or she reports directly to the center director.  The assistant director also has a line relationship with the building staff, which includes administrative assistants, teachers, assistant teachers, cooks and bus drivers.
Organizational Tasks The assistant director is responsible for maintaining Minnieland corporate administrative processes and procedures in the child care center for the following areas: in-service training, curriculum planning, oversight of at least one program, scheduling, orientation of new staff, counseling of staff, student assessments, maintenance of the financial database for the center, billing and tuition collection, student enrollment, building equipment and supply inventory, supervision of classroom instruction, marketing and public relations, parent relations, consulting with individual children, parents and staff members, maintaining 100% compliance with all corporate policies, state standards for licensing and national standards for early childhood program accreditation at all times.  The assistant director is also accountable for any additional responsibilities as determined by the director and/or corporate administrators.


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