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Assistant Preschool Teacher

Calvary Children's School | Arlington, VA

Posted Date 5/28/2024

Assistant Teacher Job Description.pdf

Job Description -Assistant Teacher


Works well with children and adults

High school diploma or equivalent

Participation in a yearly staff training plan of at least 16 hours

 General Staff Responsibilities

Staff demonstrates competence and expertise by:

  • involving children at varying instructional levels in all activities;
  • encouraging all children to participate in classroom routines and activities in a respectful manner that promotes independence, self-respect, and confidence;
  • demonstrating appropriateness, fairness, and consistency in discipline;
  • increasing productivity by limiting transition wait time;
  • demonstrating effective written and oral communication skills;
  • practicing appropriate sanitary practices;
  • following the classroom schedule and the lesson plans and activities, while being sensitive to individual and class needs;
  • assisting with the maintenance and cleanliness of the entire CCS environment, which includes all common areas, the kitchen, and storage closets

 Assistant Teacher Responsibilities

  • Assisting the Lead Teacher in initiating and maintaining activities acceptable for a quality daily program based on principals of child development
  • Supervising the health, welfare and safety of the children
  • Assisting the Lead Teacher in supervising the aide or volunteer assigned to the room
  • Assisting the Lead Teacher in maintaining an attractive, orderly and clean room
  • Performing related work as necessary 


Staff serves a 30-day probationary period and may be terminated without cause during this time.  Staff are evaluated yearly. 


The staff is under the direct supervision of the Director.  The Director shall make final decisions in the event of lack of agreement on procedure between members of staff. 

Applicants are required to submit documentation that they have the required training and education to meet our Arlington County standards, and Virginia State Standards.  Our center is inclusive. 

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