Senior Researcher -Arlington Public Health Division

Arlington County COVID Response Team | Arlington, VA

Posted Date 5/19/2021

Senior Researcher position is a temporary work assignment in the Arlington Public Health Division COVID-19 response. This position will report to the District Epidemiologist and work within the Epidemiologic Communications and Countermeasures Team, within the COVID-19 Public Health incident command structure.

Purpose of Position: to support incident command and operations leadership in maintaining situational awareness of current guidance and information in a rapidly evolving environment while responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Term of employment: this temporary position is for up to six months, with the possibility to extend for additional six months.
  • Work Hours: This position is full-time, 40 work hours per week. Core (6 or more) work hours should occur within 8:30 am – 5:00 pm daily, Monday through Friday.
  • Pay Rate: Starts at $53.41 per hour (commiserate with education/experience)
  • Work Location: Telework (Microsoft Teams virtual meeting environment/collaboration space)
  • Education and Experience Requirements: MPH or higher in Public Health (in Statistics, Epidemiology, or related discipline); 5 or more years work experience in Public Health, in a senior/lead researcher position, preferably in a local/state agency setting


Job description

  • Reports to Epi Comms/Countermeasures Lead (District Epidemiologist)
  • Time commitment is for 6 months, with possibility to extend longer.
  • Responsible for reviewing multiple trusted sources to compile and submit daily and weekly updates for Epi Comms lead – reports are cleared and shared by lead with command leadership on key areas related to the immediate and short-term efforts of Arlington’s COVID-19 response
  • Key areas of ongoing intelligence gathering include:
    • Virus characteristics (virus attributes, incubation period, infectious period, transmission, symptoms, short-long term complications, etc.)
    • Population characteristics/impacts (risk groups, low transmission groups, asymptomatic groups, outbreaks, geographic patterns (locally, nationally, internationally)
    • Public Health response areas (detection, diagnosis, prevention, control, treatment, countermeasures, etc.)
  • Key trusted sources (science and evidence-based) updates from daily VDH health information reports; core clinical and public health research articles (including NIH, CDC, FDA, CMS, HRSA, APHA, JAMA, NEJM, AAP, NAS, NLM, etc.); regional/national news reports for updates (Washington Post, New York Times, etc.)
  • Position responsible for gleaning timely intelligence that could potentially impact the immediate/short-term local public health and emergency response efforts and for compiling information into succinct key messages to enable leadership to maintain situational awareness on COVID-19 in Arlington, Northern Region, metro-DC region and Virginia.
  • Criteria applied against potential resource updates- must be: i) sources that do not require paid subscriptions to access/view; ii) current (resources should be timely); iii) generalizable to Arlington population/community, be representative at a population level (case study involving one person or a study of five persons in a particular location would probably not be included); iv) not technically focused (primary audience is mainstream and not proficient in technical/scientific concepts; and v) not focused on direct clinical care/ actively treating COVID patients.
Job Type
Full-time | Seasonal | Telework

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