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Maintenance Technician

Hyde Park Condominium Association | Arlington, VA

Posted Date 11/25/2023

Job Description


TITLE:???Maintenance Technician



HOURS OF DUTY:??8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Monday through Friday

????(On call 24 hours per day for emergencies) 

????1-hour lunch break 




REPORTS TO:?Reports to Chief Engineer, Supervising Facility Engineer and/or On-Site Manager




Maintain physical condition of properties and assist the Supervising Facility Engineer in the performance of his or her duties.



Duties and Responsibilities


??Prioritizes work orders 

??Follows up on assignments for completion 

??Performs the following duties when action has been taken to correct emergency conditions, such as sewer backups, water flooding, etc.: 

??During and after the condition is resolved, mops-up water, removes debris, places and retrieves dehumidifiers and fans as needed. 

??Restores the affected area to the same condition that existed prior to the incident. 

??Must be able to work independently as well as in a team environment 

??Maintains record of types and frequency of service requests received 

??Maintains inventory of equipment of equipment, tools and supplies 

??Recommends purchases of supplies, equipment and services  

??Performs snow removal as needed (on-call) 

??Makes regular inspections of the property 

??Willingness and desire to continually improve skills 

??Assists in the preparation of all maintenance related records 

??Meets with on-site managers to report on status of scheduled work 

??Makes recommendations for contract services and supervises contract workers 

??Assists in establishing and implementing preventive maintenance schedules 

??Keeps workshop, utility room and other storage area clean, orderly and safe 

??Complies with and is knowledgeable of all state, county and federal rules concerning licenses and permits, including OSHA 

??Must be willing to assume responsibility for tasks not ordinarily assigned 

??Identifies hazards and liabilities 

??Must be able to communicate effectively in English 

??Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Supervising Facility Engineer or General Manager (basic plumbing & electrical, drywall work, painting, carpentry, etc.) 

??Has a thorough knowledge of power, water and gas turnoffs, clean-out traps, fire extinguishers 

??Satisfies service requests per work orders, following company procedures 

??Assists with make ready procedures 

??Makes regular inspection of grounds, buildings, plumbing, electrical fixtures, appliances and major equipment 

??Reports all building damages, vandalism, unusual circumstances, and other related incidents to Chief Engineer and General Manager 

??Picks up trash observed lying around property 

??Provides maintenance services ethically and honestly, without favoritism 

??Assists in all aspects of the property's maintenance 





??High school diploma 

??Minimum five years of full-time maintenance experience 

??Willingness to perform any task required 

??Must be able to communicate effectively in English 

??Good safety habits 

??Working knowledge of electricity, plumbing and carpentry 

??Familiarity with HVAC systems and various appliances 

??Good communication skills 

??Ability to interact with a wide range of people 

??CFC Certification 


??Physical Requirements 


??Lifting at least 50 lbs. 

??Push/pull-moderate to heavy loads 

??Considerable kneeling, bending standing and climbing involved 

??Carrying-moderate to heavy loads 



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