Employment Consultant

Best Buddies | Falls Church, VA

Posted Date 11/26/2019


Employment Consultant

Full-time Full-TimeSales
Falls Church, Falls Church, VA, US
Requisition ID: 1918


Job Title: Employment Consultant
Department: State Operations and Programs
Reports to: Program Supervisor, Jobs
# of direct reports: 0

Position Overview: The primary responsibility of the Employment Consultant is to ensure adults with IDD are successful in their jobs. This includes developing strong relationships with individuals with IDD, their families, and their employers. The Employment Consultant works directly with program participants to support them with communication skills, social skills, self-advocacy, and helping them achieve their long-term goals.      

Job Requirements:    

  • Experience working with people with IDD in a supporting role     
  • Bachelor’s degree or minimum 4 years’ relevant experience     
  • Must be adaptable and able to quickly and effectively develop and balance multiple relationships, and get results from a variety of people    
  • Basic presentation and facilitation skills     
  • Basic project and time management skills     
  • Strong written communication and project/time management skills, including attention to detail     
  • Strong initiative, drive for results, and self-assessment skills     
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team     
  • Basic understanding of social media and familiarity with Microsoft Office     
  • Must be comfortable engaging with people with IDD     
  • Must be engaging and comfortable meeting new people and addressing sensitive issues     
  • Must be comfortable with frequent local travel, use personal cell phone, and work evenings and weekends as necessary in order to accomplish job responsibilities     
  • Access to an automobile with applicable insurance     
  • Employment is contingent upon accreditation by governing state agency           

Job Duties include, but are not limited to:    


  • Travels to participant’s job sites regularly to provides job coaching which involves providing instruction, training, and ongoing support     
  • Develops and maintains positive relationships with individuals with IDD, families, advocates, counselors and employers      
  • Stays in regular communication with employers/supervisors and advocates for participants' rights to equal treatment and pay from employers while encouraging self-advocacy and maintaining positive employer-employee relations     
  • Provides participants with travel training and/or assistance with public transportation     
  • Makes sound decisions about participants' welfare on the job site and follows all established health and safety guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all participants     
  • Provides participants and their families assistance in dealing with social security issues, including explanation of work incentives such as Ticket to Work     
  • Works collaboratively with team to identify opportunities for additional positions at current job sites and in the community     
  • Attends events to increase local awareness about Best Buddies and identify potential program participants     
  • Supports participants with preparation for public speaking engagements and fundraising activities     
  • Supports assessment, job readiness process and job development for participants, when needed     
  • Support school-based staff with job readiness and self-advocacy training, when applicable         


  • Contributes content and images for social media platforms        


  • Assumes full responsibility for a caseload of employed participants, including documenting all services, paperwork, and communications in SET-Works database     
  • Completes required paperwork in a timely and organized manner, including but not limited to Individualized Written Program Plan (IWPP), annual paperwork, safety exercises, and all reports required by local funding agencies     
  • Collaborates with supervisor to ensure that all required billing documentation is completed accurately and in a timely manner    



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