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Posted Date 8/07/2019
Seasonal Counselor Roles at Progressive Summer Day Camp
Camp Session: Jun 24 - Aug 16, 2019 (start and end date will vary depending on site-specific training and move-in/move-out dates)

We’re Steve & Kate's Camp, pioneers in self-directed learning, and we're looking for motivated babysitters, teachers, coaches, athletes, art, tech and education enthusiasts and anyone else that’s ready to play hard, be goofy, and help kids learn to trust themselves. As a Summer Staff member, you’ll sharpen your inherent leadership skills and do meaningful work, while getting an immersive summer of creativity and play that will do more for your professional and personal development than any of those fancy-sounding internships or corporate jobs your parents are pressuring you to get. 
The job in a nutshell.
We have a range of full-time counselor roles at our summer camps including:
  • Launchpad Staff, who are tireless advocates for our youngest campers (4 and 5 year olds) that help them transition into camp by introducing new activities, encouraging friendships and ensuring their basic needs are met
  • Studio Leads, who act as guides and facilitators to inspire camper’s curiosity while ensuring children are safe, engaged and supported in our five creative art and tech studios: Film, Music, Breadmaking, Fashion and Coding
  • Sports & Rec Leads, who run epic Dodgeball tournaments, fierce Capture the Flag competitions, and spirited Soccer matches (along with other Sports Activities), in addition to operating outrageous recreational equipment like giant inflatable slip and slides and state-of-the-art go-karts
  • And there’s typically plenty of opportunity to mix and match roles, so if you’re a coder who likes to crochet, or a sporty seamstress, you won’t have to settle on just one of your passions
How do you know if you’re the right candidate? 
If you answer yes to all of the questions below, definitely apply now.
  • Do you appreciate and agree with self-directed learning for kids and adults?
  • Are you comfortable leading groups of kids on your own, but also working with and being accountable to a team?
  • Do you have the stamina to keep up (literally) with 4-12 yr. olds bursting with energy and creative potential? And, if needed, can you bench press a kindergartener (or at least lift up to 30lbs)?
  • Are you serious about having fun?Are you willing to work hard but also let loose when the time calls?
  • Check out this doc for additional details regarding Steve & Kate seasonal staff responsibilities and requirements. 
Even if you’re new to working with kids or don’t have experience in our specific programs, if you’re motivated to learn, we’ll get you up to speed with our paid training and development program. And if you’re inspired by what we do, but not cut out for these roles, we’re also hiring for Leadership, Admin, and Food Ops positions, as well as opportunities for Winter, Mid-Winter, and Spring employment. 

A bit more about us.
We’re the people who pioneered self-directed learning in a camp setting starting way back in 1980 when everyone else was doing tie dye. Actually, we did that too. It was the 80s after all. We also introduced the most flexible and fair attendance system in the industry. We offer 5 creative art and tech studios balanced out with our zany twist on sports and recreation programs. We’re owned by a husband and wife named Steve and Kate, and we’ve grown to 42 locations in 10 states. 
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