Collctions Representative

Confidential Employer | Washington, DC

Posted Date 1/10/2020

Collections Representatives:

Position Description:

  1. Communicate directly with Central Collections Unit (CCU) customers who have outstanding DMV tickets, insurance lapse violations, and vehicles booted and towed.
  2. Communicate directly with CCU customers who have outstanding debt  with  other District agency debts 
  3. Listen to the customer concerns, determine whether the customer qualifies for payment arrangements, based on the facts of the case and CCU policies and procedures
  4. Be able to accurately interpret data from the DMV systems, analyze DMV printouts to determine the type of violation(s), eligibility to contest violations(s) based on DMV timeframes, and coordinate with the other Collections Representatives and/or CCU Collections Supervisor to resolve the customer account
  5. Apply implemented CCU policies and procedures, forms, and other documents, as it relates to the outstanding debts
  6. Other duties and responsibilities shall apply to other types of delinquent debt owed to the District of Columbia
  7. Review  and  understand  basic  personal  financial  information  to  determine  a  CCU customer’s ability to pay
  8. Additional duties will be assigned in conjunction with the customer volume


 Debt collection background

  1. Good customer service communication skills
  2. Good writing skills
  3. Ability to analyze financial information to determine ability to pay
  4. Good time management skills
  5. Basic math skills
  6. Computer literate
Salary18.00 Week

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