US CENSUS- Recruiting Asst, Enumerator, Clerk

U.S. Census Bureau | Philadelphia, PA

Posted Date 6/26/2020

Recruiting Assistants, Clerks, Enumerator


Area Census Office Manager - Responsible for the general supervision and administration of the office.
Census Field Manager / Lead CFM– Responsible for accomplishing production and quality goals in field operations under their span of control. Conducts individual and group training sessions for their personnel as necessary.
Administration Manager – Responsible for administrative functions, such as personnel, payroll and supply. Manages and monitors all office requisitioning, equipment and shipping.
IT Manager – Leads all office computing environment, mobile computing environment, and automation support efforts.
Recruiting Manager – Oversees the recruiting and testing of job applicants for field position and clerks.

Recruiting Assistant – Assists in recruiting and testing of job applicants.
Census Field Supervisor – Appoints, trains, and supervises enumerators that are engaged in data collection.
Office Operations Supervisor – Coordinates, supervises, and oversees the work of office clerks in specific functional areas.
Enumerator – Locally hired workers who perform field enumeration activities in and around their respective neighborhoods.
Clerk – Office clerks perform a wide variety of clerical functions in support of field data collection, recruiting, payroll/personnel, automation technology, and quality assurance operations.

The process consists of:

  • applicant goes to the website and creates an account
  • applicant then gets an email from the on-line system with a link to the application and assessment
  • applicants complete the on-line application and take a short self-assessment.
  • **applicants interested in supervisory positions, in the office or the field, should also take the short supervisor self-assessment
  • Applicants can go on line to: gov/jobs or call 1855-JOB-2020 for more information. We are hiring RAs all over the US, and anyone can access the on-line application to be considered for hiring in their area. Hourly wages vary according to geography and applicants can call the toll free number for information on pay rates in their community. 
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