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Furbish | Washington, DC

Posted Date 11/17/2019

DC Stewardship Crew – Living Roofs

Job Overview

Furbish provides Furnish, Install, Maintenance services for living roofs, living walls, and other ecological building systems.  Our Stewardship Department executes the ongoing maintenance for these green systems.  We operate crews from the Baltimore office and from the DC location.  This job description is for crew member in DC.

Stewardship begins when a living roof job installation is complete or when we are contracted by a property owner/manager to take over the maintenance of an existing green roof. Our Stewardship team is responsible for establishing and maintaining healthy vegetative coverage and providing reliable ongoing care of the green roof system.  Routine Stewardship services include:  weeding, nutrient management, pruning, replanting, irrigation (when needed), and reporting.  We use the term “stewardship” because our approach is to offer oversight of evolving ecology principles rather than strict adherence to original planting plans.  Successful Stewardship delivers healthy living roof coverage and memorable customer experience while exceeding budgeted margins.

Reports To

Crew Leader (can vary from day-to-day based upon schedule)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Shows up on time in right location every day reliably. Meeting location for DC crew is typically the Mount Vernon Square Metro station, but location may vary by day.
  • Comes to work ready to work productively and consistently through the full work day.
  • Makes safety the highest priority at all times.
  • Follows direction of Crew Leader who is charged with ensuring safety on job site and deciding on relevant tasks.
  • Demonstrates constant learning in green roof systems, plant selections, maintenance protocols, and system performance.
  • Competence to drive company vehicles in safe manner is a plus.
  • If increased responsibilities are desired, demonstrates broader learning about green roofs, judgment and initiative to Crew Leader in manner that demonstrates potential for advancement.


  • No formal education is required.
  • General health, strength, and stamina to ensure reliable attendance and performance.
  • Transportation and/or capacity to arrive to work on time every day.
  • Government issued ID required on person every workday.
  • Personal communication (email, cell phone, etc.) so Crew Leader can communicate on daily basis with reliability.
  • Can take and follow direction, even if in disagreement with Crew Leader.
  • Must pass a background test and drug screening.
  • Passion for our company vision and values:
    • Initiative – ability to self-manage and be productive without waiting for next delegated task
    • Learning – strives to learn more about sustainability, our industry, our competitors, our business process improvement.
    • Customer Experience – constant improvement on creative ways to make customer experience more profound.
    • Judgment – capacity to gauge major/minor factors. Can make decisions on the fly with understanding of rationale for the decision.  Willing to act and defend.  Understands mistakes will be made and we learn from them.  Not acting for fear of mistakes is unacceptable.  Learning from mistakes is evidence of high performance.
    • Growth – strives to understand position of superiors. Actions demonstrate ability to walk in superior’s shoes.


 www.furbishco.com 3430 2nd Street, Suite 100, Baltimore, MD 21225



Full-time | Seasonal

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