Golf Caddie - On Demand!

LOOPER Golf | Arlington, VA

Posted Date 11/17/2019
Golf Caddie - On Demand! 
Looper Golf - Northern VA



LOOPER can best be described as a ‘UBER’ for caddies. LOOPER is a mobile-app based booking and scheduling service that provides ‘caddies on demand’ at local Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland Golf Courses.

JOB DESCRIPTION -- LOOPERS are also known as caddies. They are a playing partner and customer service extension of the golf course staff. LOOPERS carry a single golf bag or run along with a foursome (forecaddie) who are using a golf cart. LOOPERS clean clubs and golf balls, rake bunkers, replace divots, read putts, find lost golf balls and make the golfer’s overall experience better. In short, LOOPERS have a great attitude, good hustle and a desire to provide great customer service.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS -- We provide a Certification, Qualification, and Orientation Sessions for new and experienced caddies. All training is available online via No golf knowledge is required, however it is helpful if you know the game of golf.

20+ LOCATIONS - LOOPER is providing service at roughly 20+ golf courses in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. Those courses can be viewed at

FREE GOLF -- Every caddy that works/LOOPS at a course during the week, is allowed to play free at that course once the following week on ‘caddy days’.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE -- LOOPER provides you with complete flexibility. You decide where you work, when you work, and who you work for each time. The mobile-app based scheduling system (UBER for caddies) handles scheduling, payment and post round rating. The average 18-hole round/LOOP takes 4 to 5 hours.

FAST PAYMENT - LOOPERS/caddies earn a base fee of $30-$80 for each job/LOOP (based on level of experience) and can earn an additional $30-$80+ in tips based on how well you do during the round.

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